A versatile and gifted point guard with excellent floor vision, quick decision-making, and high shooting efficiency, poised for a successful basketball career.

Javian’s Basketball DNA

Next Up Leader

Selected as a “Next Up” Leader by Coach Maciariello.

Versatile Guard

“Silky smooth point guard who can play equally effective with or without the ball.”

Excellent Vision

“Possesses excellent floor vision and quick decision making.”

Efficient Shooter

“Highly efficient shooter who can knock it down from anywhere on the floor.”

Gifted Scorer

“Has a gift for scoring the basketball, and possesses a very high ceiling.”

A Unique Passion

Javian Mccollum’s love for teaching goes beyond his passion for basketball. While many people may know him for his skills on the court, what sets him apart is his genuine commitment to education and mentorship, especially when it comes to working with special needs children. Javian finds immense fulfillment in helping these children learn and appreciate the game of basketball, using it as a tool to foster their physical, emotional, and social development.

His dedication to teaching doesn’t stop there. Javian has a natural inclination towards sharing his knowledge and experiences with others, regardless of their background or abilities. He believes in the power of education and the transformative impact it can have on individuals’ lives. Whether it’s teaching fundamental basketball skills, providing guidance on teamwork and sportsmanship, or simply being a positive role model, Javian takes every opportunity to inspire and empower those around him.

Beyond the basketball court, Javian finds joy in being an educator, imparting valuable lessons and helping others reach their full potential. His genuine love for teaching extends beyond the confines of special needs education, as he is always eager to share his knowledge, experiences, and life lessons with anyone who seeks to learn. Javian’s passion for teaching is a testament to his compassionate and nurturing nature, making him not only an exceptional athlete but also a remarkable mentor and educator.

Fun Facts

Personal Information
  • His nickname is Jay.
  • A fun fact about him is that he loves to fish.
  • His pregame routine consists of listening to calm music and shooting before games.
  • His pregame hype song is “Careless Whisper”.
  • The person he looks up to the most is his sister, because of the way she handles things and her achievements in life.
  • His hobbies include fishing, playing basketball, and spending time with his family.
  • Three words that best describe him are hardworking, respectful, and trustworthy.
  • The best advice he ever received was to work hard in whatever he does.
Preferences and Interests
  • If given the chance, Javian would love to meet Trae Young.
  • If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to California.
  • If he were stuck on a deserted island, he would bring a fishing pole.
  • His favorite TV show is Stranger Things, and his preferred app is TikTok.
  • His favorite basketball team is the Atlanta Hawks and admires Trae Young as an athlete.
  • He loves dogs.
  • Javian dreams of vacationing in Key West.
  • Macaroni and cheese is his favorite food.
  • He enjoys the classic flavor of vanilla ice cream.
Background Information
  • Javian McCollum is the son of Mickey Allen and Alfreda Knight.
  • He has an older brother named Justin and an older sister named Jamie.
  • He is pursuing a major in Sports Communications.

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Stay Up To Date

Available for Business Opportunities

Want to work with Javian?

Get in touch below!